Sunday, May 27, 2018


Go Go Elite Traveler Battery - Recently purchased a second-hand Pride Go-Go Elite traveler with twelve AH battery. Visited charge the battery tonight.Scan the house owners manual and it tutored ME to scan the directions that came in conjunction with the charger concerning the colored light-weight. Looked at the packet I got from the previous house owners son and there have been no such directions. The Pride website solely had the owner manual that I have already got. Doesn't list the charger light-weight directions.

The light on the charger glowed Associate in Nursing AMBER YELLOW once I blocked it in. Will anyone tell ME what this suggests? What alternative may colors seem? However, do I do know if it's charging or for that matter once it's totally charged? Will the yellow light-weight depart ? I've rented one concerning one year and cannot keep in mind, however, the charger light works.

Go Go Elite Traveler Battery
Go Go Elite Traveler Battery
If it makes any distinction the battery has been far from the scooter throughout charging. After you infix the charger, confirm you plug the charger into the outlet 1st then into the battery. Confirm the Go-Go is turned off with the identity. The sunshine can glow yellow once charging then flip inexperienced once it's charged. The alternative approach you'll be able to tell is that you just will not hear the sound of the charger. Once it's charging you'll hear a bit whooshing sound and once it's obtaining nearer to being totally charged the whooshing will become intermittent then finally stop once it's charged.


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