Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Nalgene Travel Bottles - Nalgene truly began as laboratory instrumentality company, however within the true spirit of innovation that we tend to most admire, laboratory rats within the 70's started taking a number of the bottles out of the labs to use on weekend hiking visits. Once Nalgene's president Marsh Hyman accomplished that his son, and every one of his boyscout friends, we're doing an equivalent factor, the thought took off. It'd be hard—if not impossible—to notice a tramper or mortal UN agency does not own a minimum of one (if not 10) Nalgene bottles of varied size and designs. Nalgene has additionally taken the lead in environmentalism with their commitment to save lots of the earth and unfold the word on utilization and reusing, and was spirited to support that!

Nalgene Travel Bottles
Nalgene Travel Bottles
Taking your own hair care product, lotions, baby oil, or body wash on a visit has ne'er been additional worry-free. Our Nalgene spherical watertight Bottles ar product of an equivalent laboratory-quality seal accustomed package essential oils and toxicant chemicals, and that they are secure to not leak. Therefore relish the protection these bottles offer. Their compact size additionally makes them good for a kit, cosmetic bag, purse, backpack or case.

Travel is disagreeable enough, you shouldn’t have to be compelled to worry regarding obtaining your favorite lotions and hair product onto the flight and off of your clothes! Our favorite travel bottles by Nalgene are specifically designed to stop leaks and find your cosmetics safely on the plane, to the building, and back once more. Therefore stop worrying and travel safe!

Product Features:
• 100% watertight style
• BPA-free plastic
• Top rack dishwasher safe
• Made in the USA


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