Friday, June 1, 2018


Travel From Paris To London - Best thanks to travel from Paris to London. Take the train in Gare du Nord (center of Paris) and arrive in the middle of London. About $100.00. No got to take transportation/cabs to the airdrome and back to urge to the middle. Comfy seats, scenic trip. You'll be able to purchase the tickets online (I used dotty train) however you'll be able to add access to the Eurostar directly online (it was our initial time). Once in London, the train tickets can enable you to go to traveler attraction two for the value of 1.

It’s a simple journey by train from Paris to London. Take a high-speed Eurostar train and dash off to fashionable London in exactly two hours twenty minutes from Paris.

Travel From Paris To London
Travel From Paris To London
Book your tickets up to six months prior to urging the most effective fares on supply.

Our journey begins at the Paris Nord station, wherever before boarding the Eurostar trains, you'll undergo arrival. As nice Great Britain isn’t enclosed within the Schengen space, verification of identity and travel documents is needed. Throughout these security checks, baggage and passengers alike got to undergo a scanner.

Check-in takes place in a specially designed space, located on the higher floor of the station (level 1). This space additionally offers numerous recreational facilities for once you’re waiting to board your train to London. Relax in one in every one of the caf├ęs, outlets or comfy lounge areas before your departure.


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