Monday, June 4, 2018


Travelers Insurance Workers Compensation Phone Number - TRAVELERS INSURANCE is that the WORST client expertise I'VE EVER fully fledged. 

  • Never friendly once speaking with Maine.  Curt, surly, and utterly un-assuring.
  • Ne'er gave Maine one update concerning my vehicle- though agent aforesaid they were receiving updates.
  • The agent had Maine waste my time and gas cash driving to Westport Mass to choose up a vehicle that wasn't prepared. 
  • And then once agent was told the automotive was STILL not prepared, she wasn't sorry in the least for the inconvenience I used to be placed through, however really started reproval ME!
Travelers Insurance Workers Compensation Phone Number
Travelers Insurance Workers Compensation Phone Number
So far, this has clothed to be one in all the cheaper insurers. The good: they are doing provide associate association discount for seniors. Conjointly they clothed to be cheaper than either Liberty or State Farm. As for the unhealthy, the client service is not smart. You are left holding for many minutes and therefore the client service representatives do not appear to grasp their field o.k. There have been some basic queries that I needed perceive concerning umbrella coverage, however, the service reps I spoke to every time could not understand English o.k. And they did not look like they extremely knew what they were talking concerning or explaining. If it wasn't for the cheaper rates, I would be tempted to look around for associate underwriter with far better client service. Travelers are average unexceptional, however, do not hold your breath expecting smart caliber service. You'll be sadly thwarted.


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