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Traveling To Cuba From USA - Travel to Cuba has gotten obtaining easier and easier (well, for now), Associate in Nursing Cuban capital is changing into an implausibly in style destination for Americans. Cuba is an incredible place to go to however continues to be noticeably a 3rd world country, and it's its quirks. It is important to understand them earlier than time thus you'll be able to minimize any potential stumbles on the method... thus it's all smooth sailing.

There's a ton of say Cuban visas, and the way troublesome they're to get. The United States government problems 2 kinds of licenses: specific and general. You will likely want a general license, that is not that tough to urge - you do not want Associate in Nursing OFAC letter, that are some things you will have detected concerning. After you make the airdrome to envision in, you will need to buy a Cuban visa through your air carrier, that is typically concerning $50. You will have to inform them that you just comprise one in all eleven (formerly twelve - the new administration has eliminated individual travel for the aim of "education") classes. You will likely lie, since "tourism" is not Associate in Nursing possibility... you will have to sign Associate in Nursing legal document. 

Traveling To Cuba From USA
Traveling To Cuba From USA
The alternative is to fly from the North American nation. This is often, however, everyone did it before the U.S. Relaxed on the principles, however currently that it's alteration up once more, it's Associate in Nursing progressively appealing possibility. If you’re researching North American nation, you'll be able to purchase a Tarjeta American state turista, or “tourist card”, directly at the Cancun or capital of Mexico airdrome. Your flight carrier can tell you wherever to travel to get it. This is often all you’ll want - it prices $20-25, and also the immigration officer can stamp it upon arrival.

Cash is king in Cuba. Nobody takes credit cards, which suggests you will have to return it with a lot of money to exchange to the native currency. In Cuba, there’s a twin currency system: one for Cubans referred to as CUP, and one for tourists that are pegged to the USD, referred to as the peso convertible, or CUC (pronounced “kook”). The CUP is concerning 1/25 a CUC. Each is an available bill and coins kind. CUP coins area unit perpetually gold and CUC area unit silver - concentrate once you’re receiving modification thus you don’t get scammed. The CUC is employed for just about everything aside from depository entrance fees, native buses, and street food.

When inbound at the airdrome, you’ll get to do a currency exchange. The USD is charged the tenth penalty, thus it’s best to bring euros or pounds to avoid the charge. The airdrome can offer you the worst rate of exchange - it’s higher to exchange at Cuban banks or codecs (currency exchange shops).

There will be an enormous line at the airdrome to exchange currency - it's always a 1 to 2-hour wait. If you recognize anyone WHO has been to Cuba recently and has enough left over to hide a taxi ride into the city, raise them for it - you'll be able to exchange the remainder of your bills whereas you are in the city. Another professional tip is at the top of your trip, rather than changing your leftover money back to USD, to save lots of enough to hide a cab ride into the city, just in case you ever plan to come to Cuba. (Which you will! You will be hooked on Cuba!)

I'd recommend conveyance concerning $150/day, simply to possess a cushion - you do not ought to exchange it all - and the price of the edifice or Airbnb that you just engaged - you will note upon booking that you just ought to bring money to pay money for lodging head to head.


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